San Diego Arborist

Mr. Rappoport is an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist in San Diego #WE-9083A.  As an independent consulting commercial arborist and tree risk assessor, RDCS LLC has no potential for conflict of interest or financial considerations influencing tree care decisions.  Opinions and recommendations are based on current arboriculture science established by the International Society of Arboriculture, the American Society of Consulting Arborists, the Tree Care Industry Association national and over three decades field and senior project management experience.

Commercial Property Owners and Home Owner Associations:

Condominiums, homeowner association and property management companies should meet the minimum duty of care to maintain their trees and landscape assets is a safe condition and protect their residents, property and the public from unforeseen harm.  The same is true for recreational facilities such as mobile home parks, golf courses and any venue used by the public.

Proactive management requires knowing and understanding your tree assets within a community.  A basic tree inventory is a great way to catalog the condition of all your tree assets and prioritize remediation services for the most risky trees.  The inventory is a living document that can be amended to record annual maintenance service, trees removed or new trees planted, and other important tree information.  If a tree related lawsuit occurs, having a tree inventory provides evidence of management commitment toward tree safety and may serve as an important legal defense.  Tree inventories are usually modified as needed for each individual project.

San Diego Certified Arborist Consulting Services:

san diego certified arborist

  • Basic and advanced tree inventories to catalog and document tree assets, their condition, hazards, risk potential and management.
  • Tree appraisal for specimen, historic, and landscape ornamentals.
  • Tree and plant appraisal for nursery stock, wholesale, retail and liquidation valuations.
  • General tree health assessment, opinion and recommendations.
  • Best management practices (BMP’s) preserving trees during construction, tree protection specifications, field monitoring.
  • Monitoring and arborist supervision for crown and root pruning practices.
  • Third party independent peer review.
  • Basic and advanced tree risk assessment
  • Certified arborist and tree risk assessor expert witness services.

Why San Diego Area Clients Use RDCS LLC:

san diego arborist

With so many choices, it can be a difficult and confusing task selecting a San Diego certified arborist qualified to support and make proper recommendations. Hiring RDCS LLC provides a consultant with four fields of expertise rather than just one, a value added advantage few companies can match.

Hire a consultant who understands the larger development picture. With over 30 years experience working within the arboriculture, landscape, horticulture and land development industry in San Diego, RDCS LLC has the answers to your tree, plant, landscape and development questions.

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