Arboriculture Expert Witness, Jeremy Rappoport, Offers Consulting Services For Tree-Related Issues

For those who are looking for recommendations on tree-related issues involving structural defects, declining tree health and appearance, hazard and risk assessment, they must seek the expertise of an arboriculture expert witness and consultant. The services of such can help one detect tree decline and failure symptoms. Before performing any type of construction that involves grade change, soil compaction, and mechanical damage to existing trees, every step must first be planned for and mitigated in advance.

As a certified arborist, Mr. Jeremy Rappoport can provide such services in a very efficient manner. With his background and education as a horticulturist and certified arborist tree expert, Mr. Rappoport is more than qualified to provide expert consultant services for tree-related concerns. He consults on issues including but not limited to structural integrity and tree risk assessment, as well as overall health analysis, appropriate tree selection, cultural and maintenance practices. Mr. Rappoport frequently consults with residential and commercial property owners, property managers and serves as an arboriculture expert witness for the legal and insurance industries.

If you have a tree related problem, contact 858-205-4748 to find out more about the arboriculture expert witness and consulting services of Mr. Jeremy Rappoport, or visit

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