Reliable Landscape Expert Witness Services from Rappoport Development Consulting Services

Companies offering landscape expert witness services present clients typically from the insurance, real estate and legal industries with expert advisement, opinions and testimony. As required by these clients, this advisement may be based on site investigation and legal document review.

Rappoport Development Consulting Services (RDCS) is well-placed to provide clients with expert witness services regarding construction maintenance, defects, and overall management, among others. RDCS is led by its president and CEO, Mr. Jeremy Rappoport, who is both a certified arborist and licensed C-27 landscape contractor. Mr. Rappoport is a renowned figure in the industry thanks to his being in the commercial real estate development industry for three decades, as well as his peerless knowledge of various industry standards. He is well positioned to offer high quality landscape expert witness services and other related services that few other firms in the industry can match.

For more on RDCS, Mr. Rappoport and the company’s services, browse or call 858-205-4748.

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